Remove MySearchDial

If the browser - it isn't important if it is Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera etc. - only shows one site, with adress, when you start the browser or open a new tab, then you have captured yourself the MySearchDial virus or the My Search Dial browser toolbar.

It isn't a real virus, but annoying dangers like this should be removed as fast as possible. Above all, the danger comes from links in this alleged searchengine. This guide shows how you can get rid of MySearchDial in a understandable and easy way. So even the computer beginners should be able to solve the problem and be save in the internet again.

Please follow ALL the points, because only this way, you can be sure to have deleted the virus completely. The tools used in the guide are all free and help finding and deleting infected programs. Please don’t ingnore the hints at the end of this article.

How to get rid of MySearchDial

1. Close all opened programs and uninstall "mysearchdial"

For this action, you have to be logged in as an admin on your computer (often the standard user). First uninstall the ad-software (Adware). Look for "mysearchdial" or other programs with "toolbar" in their names, in the list of all your programs and unistall all the programs you have found.
How to uninstall Windows programs

2. Check all browser add-ons and remove the corresponding program

Open your normally used browser (for an example Firefox or Internet Explorer) and go to the browser-settings and then to your add-ons or plugins. Search for "MySearchDial" and add-ons with "Toolbar" in their name here, too and remove remove / deactivate them. Repeat this step for all installed browsers on your computer.
If MySearchDial was a trustworthy software, the removal would now be completed. But it isn't, this leads to the third step of this instructions.
Download AdwCleaner for free

3. Pest control with a proven anti-virus-program

Download the free program AdwCleaner and follow the describtion. After a few minutes the tool shows found virus and deletes all infected data from your computer. After you have restarted windows, the MySearchDial virus should be removed. But often, hidden malware (for an example spyware, trojan horses) is still on the computer. Thats why I recommend to follow the next point.
Download Malwarebytes for free

4. Search for more, until now undetected dangers on your computer

Now scan your system with the help of Malwarebytes or another good and actual security software (for an example with the ESET Online Scanner). This may take a few hours. Hint: You don't have to watch the pogram, it works automaticly. Delete all infected data and restart Windows.

The annoying browser-manipulation is now cleared. But there are even more dangerous virus in the Windows-world, that spread through the internet. Cyber criminals and - at the latest known after the publication of the NSA-affair - government are interested in digital data, too.

May it be PINs and TANs from Online-Banking, entrance data for websites and mails. Private informations, pictures, videos and user profiles or documents of firms. Also hackers often use private computers in bot-nets, to spread illigal downloads or spam.

The user normally doesn't notice anything of this activities. The computer may be slower than before or the internet may be slower than normally.
Download ESET Online Scanner, it's free too

Screenshot with spammy ads -
Screenshot homepage

Protect your computer and your data better in the future

There are many free antivirus-programs. They are normally protecting you from virus very well, but not from trojans, tpyware, spam and hijackers like "MySearchDial". For this protection, you have to pay, of course. 30 to 60 $ is the normal price for such a program.

My favourites for a Windows-all-around-protection are:

Also, I recommend to secure all important data regularly. With an externe disk, an USB-stick or with a cloud-saver in the internet you are able to restore destroyed data. Some malware destroy your data. Then pictures and documents are destroyed and can't be restored (if not saved otherwhere).

It is important to be patient when installing software. Don't dowload extra software. Always check for a kind of "professional" path to avoid infecting your system with virus, malware, spyware, etc.

You should definetly ignore surprising updates, plugins and free safety-checks. Most of time, these are dangers that try to look like important system-updates or something like that.

If you have any questions or problems while uninstalling the toolbar / the browser-hijacker, then please leave a comment in the social networks. I am happy about success messages and recommends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Please help spreading information about MySearchDial in the internet, in forums or even at your own homepage. Link at this website (, thank you.